Business Statistics

SEBA Bus Adm 040

Electronic Textbook on an iPad

Faculty Technology Group awarded funds for my request in 2012 to purchase an iPad to use with a MacBook Air to create an electronic textbook. The MacBook is used in conjunction with an iPad and no-cost iBooks Author software to develop my proprietary electronic statistics textbook for use in my Bus Ad 040 Business Statistics classes. The Author development software resides on the MacBook. The textbook is resident on an iPad by digital transfer from computer to tablet. The textbook is partially developed and portions of the results have been undergoing testing in the classroom with students. The finished textbook will be available on the iBooks Store for download to an iPad for students.

My objective for creating an original electronic textbook is to offer students a text source that follows my teaching style and proprietary content not available from hardcopy textbook publishers. As evidence from testing my prototype material in the classroom, I have observed that students benefit when lectures, exercises and workshops closely follow their reading assignments. Confusion arises when students must reconcile instructor's course material with another author's written text. Moreover, electronic revisions are instantaneous and acquisition cost is substantially less than traditional publishers' sources. Many of my students own or have access to Apple products so their technical familiarity and comfort level make adoption of an iPad electronic textbook a useful and convenient tool for learning statistics.

Digital delivery of teaching content and assessing student learning outcomes is one of the most innovative and effective uses of technology for successfully achieving pedagogical goals and objectives. Electronic delivery is more cost-effective, timely and flexible than manual methods for student and instructor. I would be pleased to share with colleagues my experiences in developing a textbook that mirrors my classroom delivery.

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