Faculty Technology Grant:    iPad Awarded May 2013

Grantee:                                  Cathy Finger, Ph.D., SEBA/Accounting

iPad used for teaching:

I applied for an iPad so that I could use the application (app) “Attendance2” in my ACCTG001, Introductory Financial Accounting, sections. ACCTG001 is required for all business majors; it is common for students to take the course without having a strong interest in the subject so I have to do what I can to keep them motivated. If students do not attend class regularly, they do not learn the foundational material and it then becomes very difficult for them to succeed. My goal in adopting the app was to increase attendance and, thus, learning and the number of successful students. I made attendance points a significant part of each student’s grade, and as a result I had to keep accurate records. During some semesters, I have over 100 students total and with Monday/Wednesday/Friday class meetings, record keeping can be onerous.

Because the Faculty Technology Group so generously funded an iPad for me to use, I was able to keep very accurate records and save significant time. In addition, I could send each student a report detailing day-by-day attendance and punctuality. Students knew I considered attendance to be important and I firmly believe that, as a result, students were more likely to attend, be punctual, and remain engaged in the class. The app allowed me to take pictures of each student; I did that on the first day of class. Having the pictures accessible while taking attendance enabled me to get to know my students much more quickly. Finally, I made professionalism part of the grade and recorded related events such as classroom disruptions.

I used the new iPad to demonstrate the app to colleagues at the Summer 2013 Tech Camp. As a result, others at the College have started incorporating Attendance2 into their classes and realizing the many helpful features the app has to offer.

iPad used for Scholarship:

A colleague suggested I write a paper about the use of Attendance2. I did that and the paper is (as of this writing) now working its way through the publication process. I demonstrated the app at the Conference on Teaching and Learning in Accounting (CTLA) conference in August, 2013.

Screen Shots:

I am including two screen shots along with this activity report: One showing the page used to take attendance each day and the other showing a sample report that the app can send (via email) to a student. Showing these to the students on the first day of class intrigues them because of the “fancy” technology involved, but also makes them understand that if they miss class I will know about it and their grade will reflect it.



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