I used the headsets in the Psychobiology (PSYCH 110) and Lab (PSYCH 110L) course. During November, I covered the topic Electroencephalogram, in which students learned the neural origin of EEG, Sleep brain waves, waves that associate with certain cognitive states, and epilepsy. In three lab sessions, students in a group of 3 – 4 (four groups simultaneously), acquired, analyzed, and presented raw EEG data, Spectral EEG, and ERP in the class, using the wireless EEG Headsets. 

In the first EEG lab session (Introduction to EEG), students learned the neural origin of EEG including the configuration of recording, reference, ground electrodes on an electrode headset/cap; how to set the headset on a person and actually acquire EEG; and how to identify alpha and beta waves on the computer monitor.

In the second EEG lab (EEG Spectral Analysis), again by monitoring EEGs directly from a fellow student’s head, students observed how muscle tension in the head and face, eye movement affect brain waves. Students also actually recorded EEG data under simple experimental conditions (e.g., during listening to music). Students further analyzed the EEG data by performing spectral analysis, and learned what is spectrum, how each frequency band could reflect certain mental activities.

In the third EEG lab (EEG Event-Related Potential or ERP Analysis), first each group of students presented results of their Spectral Analysis performed in the previous lab session; subsequently each group performed ERP analysis on already existing EEG data and compared two different EEG analyses employed in the contemporary CognitiveNeuroscience research filed.


The use of wireless EEG recording system is innovative and effective in teaching, particularly for the EEG lab sessions. The granted EEG recording system is was easy to handle with untrained students in the lab. The fact that several groups of students can record and observe their waves in one lab session was advantageous for effective teaching as a matter of fact. I appreciated your funding. I will continue using the EEG headsets in the same Psychobiology course every semester.


Some snap shots of the lab activities are attached.


Capping the wireless EEG headset on her group mate.



Observing her own EEG


Identifying “live” alpha, beta, and noise waves of her group mate (not in the picture)


Showing results of spectral analysis of their own data

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